My Vim Plugins - 2

flazz/vim-colorschemes vim-colorschemes is a collection of colorscheme from My favorite is Tomorrow-Night-Eighties which looks like this: Tomorrow-Night-Eighties image This plugin has a lot of colorschemes, I don’t think I will ever have a chance to try all of it eiginn/netrw netrw is a must-have plugin if you often connect to remote server. Instead of editing file on the remote server, you can use netrw to do some editing right in vim. [Read More]

My Vim Plugins - 1

Introduction First thing first. What is Vim? As far as I can tell, Vim is an imitation of Vi. But tldr it is an improved version of Vi now. The last thing that I remember is Vim is not a word processor, it is an editor. You should find the difference yourself. So, now I wanna show you all Vim plugins that I used. It’s not much but it really help me a lot when I code. [Read More]