Erasing Partition Table

Well, I always use gparted to erase my partition table and sometimes it fail miserably. The most accurate way is to use sgdisk. We can erase our partition table like this:

$ sgdisk --zap-all /dev/sda

What should I learn about Linux

Okay, for now I want to list everything which I should learn about GNU/Linux in 2 part. Let’s say it for the beginner and advance. Beginner 1. Introduction to GNU/Linux 2. GNU/Linux Desktop Environment 3. Unix Command Line 4. Text Editing Tools 5. Shell Scripting 6. TCP/IP Networking Basics 7. X-Windows 8. Native GNU/Linux Compiler, Software ad Services Advance 1. Filesystem Management 2. Software Management 3. User and Group Management 4. [Read More]